About US


Passionate, fierce, intensely devoted.

At Ardent, these are words that define us.  We leverage our decades of experience and expertise, best-in-class customer service and the industry’s top talent to provide our Clients with customized, reliable environmental solutions. 

We see our Clients as much more than a transaction. Our professional, honest and humble approach builds strong and lasting relationships with our partners. Ardent strives to bridge the gap that currently exists between other providers in the industry and those who need expert environmental services.   

Our responsive team is focused on what Clients need and how we can best meet those requirements.  Ultimately, our goal is to deliver solutions that keep your operations safe and functional, help you mitigate risk and achieve your needs in the safest, most efficient way possible. 

Relationships Over
Transactions Always (ROTA).
At Ardent, that’s how we do business.

It is our past, current and future goal to develop a lasting relationship with our clients.

What Is ROTA?

  • Our Brand Promise
  • The embodiment of our integrity
  • How we treat our Clients and Partners
  • How we treat our Teammates
  • How we guide decision-making
  • What we expect in return from those aligned with us

What makes Ardent stand out?

Our focus and priorities are different than other service providers in the industry. Our differentiators include: 

  • Desire to deeply understanding client needs and deliver customized solutions
  • Reverent toward Client relationships 
  • Single point of contact availability 
  • Universal engagement and ownership 
  • Agile/Adaptable 
  • Superior project management 
  • Intentional/focused design to provide customized Client solutions 
  • Leadership team balance 
  • Team recognition and investment to attract industry’s best 

Meet the Team

William (Bill) Dennis


Bill is an integrity-bound, principled leader who has earned the trust of Clients as well as co-workers from the C-suite to the loading dock.  He has developed many teammates into leaders, designed and implemented infrastructure for continuous improvement, and successfully guided a small company into a mid-market powerhouse.  With more than 20 years’ experience in the environmental industry, Bill is thoroughly versed in strategic planning, directing business development and operational functions, consulting, contracting, site assessment/remediation and risk assessment/mitigation.

Levi Cordle


Levi is widely respected by his diverse client base for delivering personal, consistent, and high-quality services. He specializes in regional operations management, organic growth/expansion, client relationship development and management, system and process development and execution, and operational efficiency enhancement. 

Geoff Krug


Geoff is known for his proven strengths in establishing the operating infrastructures to support aggressive expansion, heightened productivity, and increased efficiencies. His skill set includes facilitating the adoption of team-centric, quality-focused cultures where associates feel empowered and accountable for exceeding desired metrics. He conducts in-depth organizational reviews to identify improvement opportunities, isolate root causes, mitigate risk, and formulate long-term action plans to drive sustainable gains.  

Matt Carpenter

VP Operations

Matt is a highly respected, hands-on environmental professional. He has worked for companies large and small and achieved growth in each facet that he was engaged. With more than 15 years in the industry, Matt has been a strong leader driving successful teams by being a promoter and champion for those who have worked through the ranks. Matt is thoroughly versed in all things Operations; strategic planning, business development, contracting and management – all at an elite level. Matt possesses impressive business acumen, strong work ethic and a strict attention to detail – all of which he uses to ensure he and his teams are integrity driven industry leaders.

Brian Kesler

Director of Operations

Brian is a 30-year operations professional who has driven team performance and quality improvement for both regional firms and Fortune 500 companies.  He is well known among his peers as a leader who instills excellence through his actions.  Through roles ranging from commercial driving to leading corporate sales teams, Brian has set the example, coached teammates and achieved performance goals by maintaining focus on Client needs and ensuring safe and efficient service delivery.

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